The Georgia Center for Reproductive Medicine

The Georgia Center for Reproductive Medicine (GCRMSAV), located in historic Savannah, GA, opened in 2003. The Center's mission is to serve the reproductive medicine needs of the residents of the Savannah metropolitan area, as well as those living in South Central and Southeastern Georgia and South Carolina.

In-Office Services

The Georgia Center for Reproductive Medicine is a completely self-contained, office-based facility that is neither affiliated with nor reliant on any hospital system in Savannah. All female and male fertility assessments, andrology services, sperm and egg retrieval procedures, in vitro fertilization techniques, and cryopreservation procedures, as well as many endocrine assays, are done within the state-of-the-art office-based setting. Please see the "Treatments" tab above for a partial list of the comprehensive reproductive medicine services offered at GCRMSAV.
What separates The Georgia Center for Reproductive Medicine from many other practices is that we do not use any "physician extenders" to treat our patients. Frequently, in other large practices, patients are primarily seen by sonography technicians, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, or physician assistants. Patients rarely, if ever, see their physician. At The Georgia Center for Reproductive Medicine, every patient is seen by a reproductive endocrinology physician while in treatment, at every visit, every time, period. This is a huge time commitment on the part of our physicians, but it translates into improved care and higher pregnancy rates for our patients.

Hospital-Based Services

In those situations requiring hospital-based procedures or hospital admission, the physicians at The Georgia Center for Reproductive Medicine have privileges at both Memorial Health University Medical Center and St. Joseph's/Candler Hospital System. Although both of Savannah's hospital systems offer exceptional care, should a patient, or their insurance carrier, have a preference for a hospital, the request will be honored. Please see the "Treatments" tab above for a partial list of comprehensive hospital-based reproductive services offered by GCRMSAV.

Insurance Services

The staff of The Georgia Center for Reproductive Medicine is well aware that the evaluation and treatment of infertility may be very expensive. While there are a few fortunate people who have insurance coverage for infertility services, many states, including Georgia, do not mandate that private insurance companies provide these benefits. For this reason, although the primary and ultimate responsibility of insurance verification remains that of the patient, our practice will provide guidance and support to assist patients during their inquiries into insurance coverage questions.

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